Bio Water Systems BV is a company specialized in developing and building of holding systems for fish, crustaceans and molluscs. Good water quality is essential for optimal performance of holding systems. One important part is training and guidance of customers by Bio Water Systems managing such systems.

Bio Water Systems BV has build large scale systems for leading companies within the aquaculture sector within Europe. We also built specially tailor made systems to utter satisfaction of our clients. The key to success lies within the ‘Know how’ of water treatment and the specific demand of an organism on it’s environment. The combination of biological and mechanical treatment techniques are therefore of special importance. Our company has a good collaboration with companies that deliver filter components such as polyester modules, pumps, UV units, sand filters, ozone generators, protein skimmers, trickling filters, cooling units and a range of filters materials. These components are being integrated to form an excellently performing system.

As an appreciation of Bio Water Systems BV professional approach the company received the RTC innovation price 2002.

Delivery - Systems will be build according to the concept and manufactured. Systems will be, on request, delivered fully functionally installed. As a company we are involved within the following disciplines:

  • Water projects in museums, zoo’s and animal parks, for example a large saltwater aquaria, seal and sea lion basins, polar bear basins, show aquaria, etc…
  • Crustaceans and molluscs storage tanks, selling systems, for example storage systems for crustaceans
  • Fish storage tanks, show aquaria for garden centres, for examples storage tanks for pond and ornamental fish
  • Aquaria for the private sector or companies, for example aquaria for shops
  • Ponds for the private sector or companies, for example ponds within buildings
  • Crustaceans and molluscs aquaria for restaurants, for example as partition between kitchen and restaurant with the aim of presenting freshness of the product such as crustaceans
  • Miscellaneous water projects, for example blue-green alga treatments with means of mechanical filtration in combination with ozone and UV techniques, amongst others in containers

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Filtration system sea aquarium for water purification Aquarium project Neeltje Jans Filtration technique sea aquaria for water treatment Aquarium project Water distribution company Drenthe
Shark basin provide with mechanical and biological filtration technique Jellyfish cylinder
Show aquaria for garden centres Fish presentation sales system for pet fish
Lobster holding system for distributing life Lobster Presentation display for fresh fish, crustaceans and molluscs on ice
Noise Block Horiz
Example of a fishrack for ornamental fish in a gardencentre Example of a fishrack for ornamental fish in a gardencentre Example of a holding system for pondfish in a gardencentre Example of a birdrack for birds in a gardencentre Example of a fishrack for ornamental fish in a gardencentre